Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fruit Cake!

This 1937 advertisement is full of laughing quality.

It is funny how the wording of marketing works. The best fruit cake is called, "Superfine." Next best is, "Fine." And the meager fruit cake is billed as, "Mellow" but still wrapped in, "Gleaming Cellophane." HA!

Perhaps the greatest laugh of all is in the description of the, "Delicious Chocolates" which boasts coming in a, "gay Christmas box." My how our gay times have changed:

"Why, it's as much a part of Christmas as
the big green Christmas tree itself!"

I don't know about you, but I am going to spring for the Superfine... "Superfine" strikes me as 40 years ahead of its time! "Fine" is cool too, but I'd rather have the, "Mellow." In the 70's these where the happening terms!

The price-breakdown of today:
Superfine: $44.76
Fine: $29.74
Mellow: $15.02
Delicious Chocolates: $13.37

Legend has it, my great-great Grandmother bought one of those fruit cakes and it is still in the family.

Page 104 from the 1937 Sears Christmas Catalog
(Catalog Source: wishbookweb)

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