Monday, September 17, 2012

The Boyville and Boyville Jr. Helmet

Yes, in 1945 for just $1.39 (about $17 in 2012) you too could scar spoil your boy for life with the Boyville and Boyville Jr. helmet:

"Practical suggestions for the boy who
needs something to wear"

What that really means is:

"Your boy will find it practical when he is being beat up 
because he is wearing one of our fine deluxe helmets."

Okay okay, it was a different time during WWII and boys wanted to be pilots. These helmets were rather popular and it was pretty cool to have one. While the helmets may be seen as impractical today, the ties further down the page seem ahead of style.

Page 116 from the 1945 Sears Christmas Catalog
(Catalog Source: wishbookweb)

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